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Traditional and none traditional taxi

All in one app !!! You choose taxi on the map yourself !!!


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Mobile App

Taxifan app allows users to book any taxi from their Android phone in any location where mobile phone coverage is available. For Iphone the information is here.


High quality is ensured by the selection of the best cars and drivers.


We constantly take all necessary measures to maintain safety at the highest level, both for passengers and drivers.


About Taxifan

Taxifan is an Association of the traditional taxi drivers and Freelance Chauffeurs on the Internet who use Taxifan application.

The drivers offer rides on any type of cars, for example, sedans, SUVs, pickups and vans, etc., at the rates indicated below, which are set individually by each driver in Taxifan application.

The list of all taxis can be found here.

Users can book scheduled rides and Chauffeurs Services in Taxifan Club, where only Verified Users and Drivers of Taxifan app can become members of the club.

More information can be found in FAQ for users.

Please, read User Rules and User Safety Rules on our site before downloading Taxifan app.





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Contact Us

You can fill in and submit the form, or contact us via Skype:


If you have any complaints, you can feel free to write to us:




If you are a driver and want to become a member of Taxifan Association to start using Taxifan app, you can find more information on how to do this on this site.

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